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The International Aviation Services Centre, IASC, is the business unit within Shannon Group plc tasked with building on the well-established aviation cluster at Shannon. IASC helps existing aerospace firms here develop their business, as well as working alongside IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland to bring new companies to Shannon.  IASC’s work in growing the aerospace cluster at Shannon, is contributing to developing Ireland’s aerospace capabilities and helping to ensure that the country remains a global centre for the aviation industry.

The aviation industry is global in nature and is growing rapidly. Ireland is already a major worldwide centre for aviation activity, especially aircraft leasing. This is in large part a legacy of GPA, the pioneering leasing firm founded in Shannon in the 1970s.

Today, some 80 aerospace firms are established in and around Shannon, employing about 3000 staff. Our ambition and our mandate is to develop this activity further, creating a globally recognised aviation industry cluster at Shannon with specialisations in areas such as leasing, maintenance, aircraft recycling, component manufacture and repair, and business aviation.

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