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John Drysdale

Business Development Manager, Shannon IASC

Business Development Manager, Shannon IASC

Growing Aviation

The International Aviation Services Centre (IASC) consists of over eighty aviation businesses in the region, many of whom are clients of Shannon Group. My role is to promote and develop our cluster of aviation services in Shannon Campus.

Our team mission in Shannon IASC is to make the global industry aware of our cluster’s value proposition, enable collaboration between companies and to assist new start-ups. We do this using a process of continuous engagement, networking and learning and Shannon is ideal for this clustering effort.  By utilising the campus’ location adjacent to Shannon Airport, the aviation companies in our cluster enjoy airfield property opportunities such as bespoke hangars, and offices, combined with complete aircraft transitions services from a multitude of providers.


Aircraft and aviation has been a life passion since I was very young. As a young boy, Shannon Airport was my playground. I would cycle with my friends to the viewing areas to watch Concorde and other legendary aircraft practise and train. I wanted to be a pilot, but the opportunities to fly commercially were very limited at that time and I chose to go to college instead. My chance to join the industry came in 1990 when Shannon Aerospace advertised looking for young people to join and learn aircraft maintenance and have a career as a licensed Aircraft Mechanic. The chance to live in Hamburg and Zurich and other parts of the world was an opportunity not to be missed.

My career in aviation has been diverse, I worked in most aspects of aircraft maintenance including planning, engineering, training and marketing. This gave me an excellent exposure to the business and to the broader industry. Learning from customers and enjoying the excitement of delivering aircraft together, despite massive challenges, was addictive. I left the airfield hangars in 2015 to start my own business helping customers take in aircraft to their fleet. This was a dramatic learning curve not only in the sense of being in business out on your own but also technically very challenging.

Career Advice

Aviation is a highly personable industry with solutions to problems found through collegial collaboration and innovation. It brings together people from different backgrounds, usually in isolated locations around the globe. It is a melting pot of culture and diversity, it depends on people understanding and respecting each other’s values and beliefs, and this is the grease that enables success. It is an emotive industry as the pressure to safely meet delivery deadlines and fiscal goals can be immense, but this forms life long friendships and builds character!

People in aviation are generally very passionate about their business, there are career paths and opportunities for everyone regardless of education and background. It is not all glamourous, flying involves long monotonous hours away from family, and maintenance involves years of study to advance your career. But it is worth it for the sound of the turbine engines spooling up as the aircraft readies to depart, or the view as you break through the clouds into the sun on climb out.

Working in Shannon Group

In 2017 I had the opportunity to join the Shannon International Aviation Service Centers (IASC) as Business Development Manager and I believe in Shannon Group’s vision for Shannon’s business and aviation campus. During my time to date, the Shannon Group has developed over a million square feet of aircraft hangars, offices and warehousing, that has enabled the growth of our aviation services cluster. Moving forward with COVID-19 as part our lives and industry, companies in Shannon have reacted quickly to try and adjust and pivot their business. Our aviation industry has changed forever but we will adapt to the new industry environment whatever form it eventually takes.

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