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Christy O'Connor, Shannon Heritage

Maintenance Manager, Shannon Heritage

Maintenance Manager, Shannon Heritage

My name is Christy O Connor and I am a native of Sixmilebridge in Co. Clare. I currently hold the position of Maintenance Manager in Shannon Heritage. I joined the company in 1995 and worked under the leadership of Flan Gleeson, the late Roma O Connor and Pa Crowe for a few years until Pa retired.

I then replaced Pa as Maintenance Manager or I should say took over from Pa because Pa could never be replaced- he was a wealth of knowledge and was an inspiration to all of us who worked with him.

Focus on Teamwork

The role of the Maintenance team is important to the overall operation at Shannon Heritage as the issues are seldom the same from one day to the next. This requires the team and I to work together and to be flexible to cover all eventualities. An example of this can be seen on an annual basis where the entire team will spend months preparing and disassembling the Bunratty Castle and Folk Park Christmas experience. 

Extreme weather events over the last number of years like severe frost high winds and snow would also necessitate a complete team effort to deal with.

Standards of Service

My role could be best described under three headings;
Support, Maintain and Service.

Those three headings are vital for all sites and departments and it is important for us to uphold the highest standards of service for our colleagues.

There is a sense of satisfaction for the team and I from knowing that there is a smooth running of systems across all sites in the company.

Shannon Heritage is a unique place to work because you can be dealing with modern day and historical issues on a constant basis. One example of historical and modern methods overlapping would be from a number of years ago, when the late Christy Lynch chairman of the Trustees of Bunratty castle and Roma requested me to remove a piece of furniture from the castle. The piece would be dated to about the 16th century and formed part of the Gort collection. The piece was too big to take down the stairs or fit through the doors of the castle so I had to take it apart and re-assemble it in the workshop ensuring no damage was caused to the piece of furniture – all under the supervision of Christy Lynch.

Give Your Best

If I was asked to give advice to someone starting out in this company or any part of the Shannon Group I’d say the most important piece of advice would be whatever your job is always do it to the best of your ability and always respect your colleagues.

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