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Medieval Banquet

True innovation comes in many forms and our team at Shannon Heritage currently run and manage incredible medieval banquet nights at three castles in the region, offering a fascinating insight into life during that period for visitors young and old.
In the face of wide-scale emigration from the region in the 1960s, key stakeholders worked together to create an innovative, compelling tourism experience that offers tourists to our region a unique experience simply unavailable anywhere else in Ireland.
In 1963, unused castles in the region were put to practical use, developing key attractions which would bring tourists into the areas creating much needed employment. And today, the castles and tourism businesses continue to go from strength to strength and we look forward to them playing a key role in the region’s development and marketing for many years to come.

Medieval Ireland awaits you 

Today, you can wander the grounds and dining halls of Bunratty Castle, Knappogue Castle, & Dunguaire Castle, and soak in an atmosphere unlike any other. Run by Shannon Heritage, these award-winning nights promise an evening to be remembered.
For one night only, you can become a member of the nobility. You can enjoy stories of adventure and intrigue from back in the day, hearing tall tales of glorious charters from another era. And all this while enjoying the finest local food, carefully sourced wines and world-famous entertainment in the iconic surrounds of these fully restored Irish castles.

"What an incredible experience this was! Being in this amazing space, being entertained all evening by the actors, the talented musicians and the outstanding singers.”       
Houlihan 2, Melbourne, Australia

“For a wonderful craic, don't miss Bunratty Castle's Medieval Banquet. It is an absolutely amazing night filled with music, laughter and cheer!”
Sharon C Stradbally, Ireland 


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