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At Shannon Group, our unique family of businesses invests in numerous strategic sponsorships, designed to support our customers’ interests and passions, at a local and community level.
Our sponsorship programmes include key activities across the following areas;
In our community, we demonstrate our commitment to our neighbouring communities along the western seaboard through our involvement in programmes that are important to them.
In our charity work, we are committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility by supporting charitable initiatives and causes that are important to our communities.
By holding special community-based events, we work hard to make a real contribution in areas such as sports, tourism, culture, and entertainment.
Through our branding, we engage with local, regional, national, and international partners to identify branding opportunities. We do this to deliver both maximum exposure for Shannon Group corporate activities and positive economic benefit for our region.
We’d love to hear from you!
For sponsorship queries please contact: Nandi O’Sullivan, Shannon Group Head of Communication email: Mobile: 086-2371510

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